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Posted: May 14, 2009 in Intro
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Hello and welcome to my new blog, in which I am intending to explore my adventures into the unknown universe of Eve Online. I should start by introducing myself, and explaining a little about my intentions for this blog and indeed for my time in Eve Online. So without further ado…

I’m Chaintrap. That’s not my real name, of course, but it was a convenient handle under which I ran my World of Warcraft blog. I spent a goodly long while playing WoW, but for various reasons (explained over on the blog) I relatively recently gave up playing. I have no regrets, life’s pretty good post-WoW, but one of the two things that I miss is blogging about the game (the other being my guildmates). So here I am. In real life, I’m John. A 35 year old, married professional, living in the UK with a moderately varied, geeky lifestyle, that includes gaming, motorsport, music and drinking. I’m due to become a father in a couple of months time, and am very excited about it. My gaming history stretches back to the ZX81 that my parents bought me at age 8, and my MMO history began with MUDs in the early to mid-nineties (in lieu of university work). I dabbled very periferally with EQ and UO; but the real breakthrough moment for me was with Funcom’s Anarchy Online. From the moment that I started playing that game, I was entirely sold on the genre. I dabbled with a few other games: Neocron, Asheron’s Call 2, Ryzom, Guild Wars and I even participated in the beta of Eve Online; but AO always drew me back, it’s engaging back story and receptive devs (who were quite happy to wheel out storyline charaters to interact with us) made it very compelling. I played Ao for 3 or 4 years, but eventually I had to stop, due to the very real detrimental effect that it was having on my life. After a gap of time to recuperate and gain some perspective, I joined with some real life friends in the game that they were all raving about: World of Warcraft. My time in that game was a lot of fun. Good friends, a very polished game, plenty of storyline, and a regular dose of improvements and new content kept me playing for 3 and a bit years. The lack of roleplaying (even on an RP server), and the low average maturity of certain elements of the game’s other players always disappointed, as did the immutability of the game world. But it was great fun. Since leaving WoW in february I’ve played around with some solo games (Mass Effect, Jade Empire and Fallout 3 amongst others), but have been keeping my eyes open for any MMOs that appealed. Thanks to blanket online advertising, I figured I’d give Eve another go – and so signed up for the 14 day trial.

When I played the Beta, I remember the game being both buggy and boring. Bugs I could live with, but the interminable mining? No thanks. In beta the tutorial was virtually non-existent, and the controls counter-intuitive. After being blown to bits for the umpteenth time, I uninstalled the game, filed my final bug reports and sent a fairly harsh critique of the game to CCP. Not the most auspicious of starts. But, that was a lifetime ago (at least in MMO terms) and I’d heard naught but good things about the game since. So, a quick (and boy was it quick! Full marks to CCP for the briskest install of a mammoth game I’ve ever encountered) download later and I was ready to give it another go.

My Eve Alter-ego

My Eve Alter-ego

The character generation was much the same as I remembered it – still very flexible and impressive portrait generation. And within a few minutes, Psia, the true blood Amarr reformer was born. I’m not sure exactly where her time in New Eden will take her, but to start with I suspect that she will be aiming to learn exploration in a Covert Ops ship. That there is a pretty intense amount of training, so we’ll see where she ends up and how plans develop over time.

This blog will be a place for reflection, and expression of thoughts. It’s going to be a long way from the relatively advanced theorycraft of the WoW blog – I have a feeling that Eve may be several years in the understanding.  I hope that through an infrequent chronicle of my experiences in Eve, I might offer some small frisson of pleasure to the reader, and that you might accompany me on my journey through learning this most complicated of games. If nothing else, it’ll keep my writing (typing) hand in.

That’s me, and all, for now. Until next time; fly safe or fly fast.


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