The New World Order

Posted: May 19, 2009 in CSM
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Those of you in the UK, or aware of UK politics, will know that currently the elected house of our parliament is in meltdown.  Our politicians have been found with their noses in the trough, and the casualties are coming thick and fast. We have both local and european elections impending and, as ever, the real power lies with those who possess the information.  Who, exactly, did what, and when? Deciphering our politics is quite an effort, involving crypto endeavour around party manifestoes, single-issue independents and spin.

EVE-CSM-Poster-smallSo, it’s nice to see an election where almost all the information about the candidates is in one place, and none of those candidates seem to be spending all my money on having their moat cleaned, or claiming for a mortgage that doesn’t exist. The CSM, or Council of Stellar Management, is a player elected council made up of EVE players, elected to represent the views of the players to CCP, the company that runs EVE. They meet in real life, and the issues that they raise are addressed as a matter of priority by the devs. This is a fantastic system. For the players it’s empowering, aspirational and reassures them that the devs are listening. For CCP it’s magnificent publicity, reduces the number of forum whiners claiming that the players are never listened to, and gives them valuable feedback on their game.A grand institution.

Godlesswanderer agrees and is keen to show his support for it by encouraging everyone to vote. He’s even gone as far as to create the poster shown here to encourage participation.

I’ve voted for Dierdra Vaal. Mostly, if truth be told, because I’ve met her. She’s one of the directors at E-UNI and made a good first impression. Not necessarily the best reason for my vote, but then I’m hardly an expert on the game yet.

So – I’ve voted. Have you?

Interviews with some of the candidates can be found over at “a merry life and a short one” and the voting booth is at

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