Things wot I has done

Posted: May 19, 2009 in Psia, Updates

A bit of an update on progress in Eve.

Psia is now able to fly Frigates, Destroyers and Cruisers of the Amarr variety. Her skills are mostly developing towards battlecruisers, with a sideline in CovOps (I know enough to know that training two types of ship skills at once is not the most effective way to progress, but I’m flighty and easily distracted away from a focussed approach). Currently her queue is full of learning and advanced learning skills.

She’s mostly focussing on a level 1 missioning Coercer, and a level 2 missioning Omen. She tried an Arbitrator, but her drone skills weren’t sufficient to make it a success, and it blew upOmen cruiser in a level 2 mish on day two of ownership. She whistled through the same mission in her Omen. A Harbinger appeals for level 3 missions, and she might even train as far as an Armageddon for level 4. Her missioning activities revolve around the Amarr Navy and the Sisters of Eve.

She’s also now a member of a player corp. The very well-regarded Eve University offered her a place to learn and grow, and she has joined up. The application process was smooth and just the right side of bureaucratic, and the people thus far seem very friendly. It’s all a little new and confusing, especially as within 24 hours of joining we were war decced. Uni regs prohibit missioning and the like whilst at war, so she has spent the past few days parked in the hangar awaiting the end of the war, or an opportunity to be useful. It is worth noting that she does have the opportunity to drop corp for a few days, and then come back in – but I’d rather suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, than cut and run at the earliest opportunity. I’m yet to be confident enough in my skills to go out hunting the enemy, and am desperate not to let my new University friends down. My funny playing hours have meant that I have been unable to attend any of the lessons in game, as yet – but the audio classes are proving themselves to be fantastic.

This slight hiatus in the full-on Psia-play has given me an opportunity to start an alt, with a view to having an out of corp miner/hauler type to make some cash with, and explore an aspect of the game that Psia is unlikely to indulge. This skill system really does focus you upon specialisation. Definitely no bad thing.

Overall, Eve is still scratching my MMO itch. Casually hardcore is perhaps my current view on it, and I’m looking forward to continuing to learn.


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