Slow going

Posted: May 26, 2009 in Psia, Updates
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It’s been slow going in the great Eve experience of late. Busy real life has been interfering with getting some quality play time in, but I have managed the odd hour or two here and there. 

I attended an Eve University lesson on the use of Eve-Mon and of Eve Fitting Tool (EFT), which was exceedingly useful. I am now moderately confident creating ship loadouts and planning the skills to support them. 

This is just as well, as yet again the university has been war decced. I’m guessing that our status as a high profile organisation acts against us in these situations. War means no solo missions, ratting, mining or the like, which counts out a fair amount of my activity. What it does do, or at least I hope that it will do, is give me an opportunity to fit and experiment with a tackler in some PvP. Being as I’m an Amarr specialist (at the moment, at least), it’ll have to be a Crucifier that I fly. A Point, Webifier and MWD in the mids, a couple of overdrive injectors and a cap regen unit in the lows and perhaps a Nos in one of the highs;  hopefully will give me a decent step into the world of tackling. Once I have a bit of confidence with the way it works, I might look to fit and fly a Punisher for heavy tackling.

However, given my funny hours of play, I might struggle to find any bad guys to tackle, even if  can get into a Uni fleet. So a bunch more work might go into the alt in the meantime. He needs to do the epic arc, and will be able to fly cruisers by the time I get to play again, so I might see how badly I can overgun the missions. A Caracal with a bunch of launchers might work nicely, and with the cash raised from the epic arc, he should be able to buy and fit an Osprey for some more serious mining. 

I’m still enjoying my time in Eve, despite the limitations of my schedule; the ability to continue training whilst not playing much is marvellous, but I will need to make some money when I get the chance, as from a peak of 75mil I’m down to 50 mil and know that I’ll have to outfit a Crucifier or two during this coming war.


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