Posted: June 23, 2009 in Psia, Updates

I’ve been a bad blog daddy. It’s been a while since I was last here updating. A part of it has been real life. Impending fatherhood will do that – time has been limited, and looking after the missus takes priority over posting here. Sorry.

With limited time, it’s also been a challenge to find time to play Eve. But I’ve managed to get a reasonable amount of play time, and progress has ver definitely been made.

My confusion around training has resolved itself into a plan, of sort, thanks to my Uni mentor. With war writ large on the present of the uni, and most likely to continue into the future too, I’ve been focussing on flying an EW frigate. The old reliable crucifier has been fitted with a bunch of Target Disruptors, and I’ve been shutting down range, and slowing down guns like a good ‘un. Thoroughly enjoying it, and it’s inspired me to move a bit more focus towards EW. Next stop is better drone skills for a neat EW Arbitrator, and from there some skills towards flying a Cov Ops. I’ve got 8 or so days to T2 drones in an Arby – which will tide me over til I can start scouting in a CovOps. Nice to have a goal.

Speaking of EW, I lost my first ship to active enemies. One of my EW crucifiers got smooshed by a faction heavy missile and some T2 drones during a reasonably large scale engagement. I was on the killmail for 3 of the opposing ships, including  a faction cruiser, so I feel pretty happy that whilst I got smooshed, I did my fair share beforehand. Add to this that the Uni replaces our frigates for nothing, and the fact that it was insured, and I actually made a profit! Happy days.

My alt is still mining and missioning, all the while training a few skills that might help him take a few tentative steps into losec and perhaps a little illicit activity. We shall see. Yarrrrr!

The next few weeks are earmarked for continuing development for Psia, more PvP in defense of my home, and some new ships. all of which I am heartily looking forward to.


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