Update – X for POS destruction

Posted: July 8, 2009 in Psia, Updates

Well, what an eventful couple of weeks this has been! I finally got into my new Arbitrator, with T2 drones and a cadre of tracking disruptors. I flew it a few times in small hunting fleets looking for war targets, but without any success catching them. Still it looks good, and flies well, and I am still in love with drones and EW. I do need to spend some time getting my drone interfacing to V, so that the little fellas are operating at maximum efficiency, but the loooong training time is putting me off at the moment.

The uni muster before the op

The uni muster before the op

I did get to fly my first big fleet op this last weekend. Our war targets have been persisting with the war for a little while, renewing it each time it comes up, despite the efforts of our diplomatic corps. We would much rather not be fighting as it interferes with our core teaching mission; but this current lot seem determined to persist.

In an attempt to finally end the fight, by inflicting losses on them sufficient to make them think twice, we assembled a large force two nights in a row. I was priviledged to be able to join the fleet on the second of the two nights. We assembled our fleet and headed out to where the enemy POS sat. We were tailed by their intelligence types, and it was pretty obvious to anyone that we were on the move and where we were headed. We expected to meet heavy resistance, and weren’t disappointed.

When we arrived at the POS, there was the largest collection of enemies that I’d ever seen. Battleships, carriers and motherships, as well as a few smaller support vessels. Getting stuck in, I targetted a Blaster boat and set my TDs to work, whilst siccing my Hobs onto the fighters that were being launched from the enemy carriers. Unfortunately within a few seconds I was under fire – and so was forced to warp out. I was very grateful for the fact that I’d been aligned to an escape route early on. A few minutes of shield fixing and I was back into the fray. More drones onto fighters. More TD action, this time onto a BC target which went down like the victim that he was. And targetted again, and warped out again. And so on, and so forth.

Finally I got to stay longer than 30 seconds, and managed to help out on a carrier kill, putting my remaining few drones to good work smacking a nidhoggur until it went boom. Another carrier went boom, and then it was onto the POS itself. By this point, I was out of offensive options. My drones couldn’t get into the POS shield to help, my guns were too short range (designed as they are for smooshing enemy drones. So I contented myself with trundling around remote repping the armour of those as needed it, and taking some screenshots.

After a few minutes of concerted bombardment from our heavy battleships and the like, the POS went boom. Contented, we looted and headed home.

I had an absolute blast, and learned lots of stuff about massive fleet engagements, POS attacks and capital ships. I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to participate in this sort of op so early in my Eve career.

The Uni attacks!

The Uni attacks!

Since then, things have been quiet. WTs have been thin on the ground, and I have been busily training. Taking a break from my drones and stuff, I’m currently running Electronics to V and Cloaking to IV, before equipping and jumping into a shiney new Anathema. being as I have loved the look of it since starting playing, this something I’m looking forwards to immensely.

I’ve also thrown a bunch of skills that lead to some of the ships that I’d like to fly into EveMon, and then asked it to come up with a decent attribute map that will see me through the first six months. Equipped with that info, I’ve remapped, and saved myself a couple of weeks training time over the next 6 months. I still have another remap hanging around ready for when I find that I’ve screwed it up and what to head in an entirely different direction.

For now it seems, Eve life is good.


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