“I’m as excited as a terribly excited person who has a really good reason for being terribly excited.”

Posted: July 16, 2009 in Blog Banter, Non-EVE, Updates

No prizes for guessing the origin of the title of this post, but it seemed eminently appropriate for this, the week of win!

Why, I hear you ask, are you so excited? Well… firstly, and most importantly… I’m a dad! My lovely little daughter was born yesterday. She and her mum are both doing well, and I am so immensely proud of them both. Hurrah.

Aside from that, and honestly, at the moment, it doesn’t feel like there is anything aside from that; but aside from that, I won second prize in Crazy Kinux’s Blog banter challenge! I’m very flattered, there were some terrific entries in there, and to be highlighted for praise is great. Many congratulations to the other winners, and well done to everyone who contributed a piece – the standard was very high.

And lastly, it looks like there might be some good news on the Uni front. More if and when that arrives.

  1. Manasi says:

    congratulations MR Dad! And for the second place win!

  2. Lienna says:

    Congratulations on the daughter!

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