Update: To infinity and beyond!

Posted: August 14, 2009 in Psia, Updates

My lovely daughter continues to get in the way of my Eve career, but at least i’ve not been entirely out of the game of late, and I’ve managed to get the odd bit of play time now and then on Psia. Skill training has continued apace, of course, and a few milestones have been passed these last few weeks.

Psia discovers her first Wormhole

Psia discovers her first Wormhole

New ships! Psia is now a proficient, if not expert, Cov Ops pilot. Her Anathema, equipped with its CovOps cloak, and expanded probe launcher, is often trolling around the universe, scanning down anomalies and exploring. Add to that, she can now hack, and she’s a one woman exploration diva (Archaeology is in train to complete the set). I fear, however, that she’ll have to go to CovOps V to actually be able to use the codebreaker without offlining her MWD. She’s scanned down several radar sites, as well as a number of Wormholes, which fellow Uni students have then benefitted from. She’s learned a number of good lessons whilst experimenting, most notably to always bookmark the WH exit.

Hull Upgrades V finally got trained too, and with her fresh T2 tank she has outfitted a Harbinger battlecruiser. Her first BC, she fitted it out with pulse lasers, and a pvp fit, and took it into a WH with some fellow unistas. A number of lessons were learned here as well, notably that T1 pulse lasers will cause you to constantly be chasing the sleepers around due to their short range; and that npcs using neuts, when combined with sleeper BSes that hit like steam trains, are fatal. Boom went the first Harby, along with the 3 trimarks and other fittings. Still, that which does not kill me makes me a bit more careful; and she has a beam fit BC for WH ops now. And a pulse fit for the inevitable pvp that will come in the next Uni hi-sec war. T2 pulses are on the list for soon.

My winning streak continued with victory in the Uni Amarr EW competition – meaning that she gained a couple of EW fit Arbies and a Sentinel. She can sit in the Sentinel, but I’m a bit stumped on any low SP fits that won’t die within seconds, so flying it in anger will have to wait for some more skill training I think. I’m thinking that Electronic attack ships at IV or V might be a necessity for the long range neut fun.

Thoughts have coalesced a little on the future training plans. Cloaking, drones, EW and T2 medium guns all point towards Curse/Pilgrim, I think. There’s a long training queue to get to recon V, but I think that it’ll be worth it. The pilgrim looks like a whole heap of fun. Possibly thereafter a Zealot might appeal. In the meantime I have my Arbies for pvp fleets and small gang work, my Harby for pve work, Anathema for solo cash and exploration fun, and a range of frigs for pootling around in disposable fun.

All in all, decent progress despite my lack of play time; and I’m hopeful that I can get a bit more time out there and doing soon.


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