A Navigational puzzle solution

Posted: October 28, 2009 in fun

Walter swore a second time as he stood up too quickly, knocking his head against the console. Around him, on the floor of the bridge, lay his charts. A trickle of blood ran down the side of his head, mingling with the sweat that beaded his temples. A small smirk of self-satisfaction crept across his face as he turned to the Nav computer.

“Nice try, sucker…”, he addressed the screen, “but old Walter is too smart…”

He punched the keys, setting the waypoints and finally the destination… Crielere, then Uotila and lastly Oursalaert. He grinned as the Breacher swung around…

Warp drive active.

Well, I hope that you had fun.

Using Security status
0.7 Eygfe
0.8 Altrinur
0.9 Olbra
0.9 Jondik
0.7 Flost
0.7 Eust/Evuldgenzo
0.6 Ongund
0.6 Bei
0.4 Hagilur
0.2 Thelan
0.3 Miroitem
0.4 Rancer
0.4 Crielere

and then using number of ‘roid belts:
7 Ambeke
10 Faurent
5 Iyen-Oursta
3 Perimeter
0 Jita
2 New Caldari
15 Alikara
8 Kaimon
31 Oiniken
6 Ahynada
4 Komo
6 Oichiya
0 Isenairos
5 Uotila

And lastly using the length of the system name in letters:
5 Waira
9 Sankkasen
7 Halaima
5 Kamio
4 Ikao
6 Uedama
6 Sivala
8 Iivinen
6 Tennen
4 Unel
9 Auberulle
8 Pettinck
9 Luminaire
4 Mies
10 Oursulaert

Hope that it proved enjoyable… and you never know, Walter and his malfunctioning ship, may be back and in need of your help at some point later. If you enjoyed it, I’d point you towards Cyberin’s puzzle, for which a decent prize is available.


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