It’s an update!

Posted: January 11, 2010 in Eve Uni, Psia, Updates

Ooh, an update! See!

It’s been a while, my lovely blogfriends. I’ve been away, visiting family on a grand tour, celebrating Christmas and the New Year. And during that time, I’m sorry to say, I’ve neglected you all again. Yes I have. No chunterings nor wurblings have I shared. I’m sorry. Truly. Let me try to make it up to you with a little update.

So… where are we? Well, Psia seems to have settled, ship wise, comfortably into cruisers. The trade off between toughness and agility suits her, and so she’s gradually been filling out the required skills to fly them well. She’s got herself into Recons and loves both her curse and her pilgrim. T2 medium guns are trained, and she’s days off a HAC; and she’s trained to fly logistics cruiser, and plans to run a Guardian with a couple of other uni pilots. Of course, the support skills have been trained too, and she can use T2 reppers and transfers, and the like. Post-HAC, it’s HIC time, and then… strategic cruiser. The legion is going to cost her a complete fortune, but will be worth it. Endless hours of EFT fun trying to work out the ideal fits for plexes, fleet support in WH and the like. It’ll be almost like a whole new minigame.

Her university roles continue to develop. She’s Ops officer for an Ivy League Navy Battlegroup (the wing of the uni dedicated to the defence of the alliance); which means she’s in charge of organising events for the BG and the wider uni. From races through scouting competitions, I’m enjoying this quite a lot. It’s hard work at times, but then I’ve never been scared of that when I’m enthusiastic. Her role as Diplomat for the uni varies wildly from the not hugely interesting, to the utterly absorbing. I’m getting to meet lots of new people, and gain a really broad understanding of the diverse alliances out there. Very enjoyable indeed. Feel free to contact her if there is any diplomacy needing doing, and remember that the Uni offers open non-aggression pacts (mutual blues) to any corp or alliance that would like it.

My alt continues to gain skills too, of course, and is now flying a Raven with a basic mission fit. This seems to work ok for the level 4 missions that he can do. He’s a taken a little break tho, for the past few days, as I develop a specific trade/hauling alt.

All in all, I’m thoroughly enjoying Eve still. The uni is a fantastic home, and the people are mostly great. Think I’ll be here for a while yet.

Fly safe, or fly victorious.


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